The current state of Breezecoin

It is already known that Breezecoin aims to reach the moon. But what did the team do lately in order to be one step closer to this objective?

In the last month, we have created a huge campaign meant to promote this cryptocurrency of the future. In this context, all the interested people could write different posts, articles, create videos, and even translate the Breezecoin website together with our Whitepaper. This way, more and more people have started to hear about BRZE as a lifestyle-related cryptocurrency, therefore its way to the moon has already started.

The total outcome measured in numbers is represented by:

After all the work the team has put into the development of a mobile application that improves your lifestyle, we can finally say:

Be-Life is finally launched on Android!

Coming in one week

It is almost here!

You will be glad to hear that the first version of Be-Life will be launched by the end of June on both Android and iOS. Even if our plan was initially to release Be-Life on the 30th of May for all Android users, we have decided not to discriminate between them and the people who prefer the Apple devices.

We do love all of you equally!

Why Be-Life?

The real question is: why not? In time, this mobile app will:

  • be a powerful tool in your personal development;
  • represent a connection between you and the crypto world;
  • and you will also have…

Before anything else, we would like to thank all of you for sending us different suggestions towards Be-Life: the mobile application that will improve your lifestyle. The amount of messages we have received from you is filling our hearts with joy, and we are trying to answer all of them as soon as possible. All we can say right now is: You are amazing!

First of all, we would like to begin this brief article by thanking each one of you for all your feedback. Every day, we receive hundreds of messages that include different suggestions regarding what you would like to see on Be-Life. Our team is trying to read them all and consider some, for all of you to download it and actively use it every day and enjoy the entire experience on one of the futuristic mobile apps.

On this occasion, we would like to give you more details about the step we are currently working on. Since we deeply care…

We have recently observed an ascending interest towards the actual development of Be-Life: the mobile application meant to help you improve your lifestyle. For this reason, we would like to give you a closer look at each stage of its development.

We have already completed 2 major milestones related to its strategy, analysis, and planning. After we have decided to transform this idea into reality, we started to develop and connect the strategy of Breezecoin with the one of Be-Life, in the end establishing a mission, a scope, a couple of objectives based on your needs and wishes, together with…

In the first part of this article, we have started to offer answers to some of the following questions: ”What is this revolutionary mobile application?” ”Which are the biggest milestones until its launch?” ”Can you participate in any way in its development stages?” This week, we would like to offer even more information about Be-Life: the mobile application that will change the way you live!


The development of Be-Life consists of 5 main stages, of which the first 2 are already done, and the third is currently in progress. …

What is this revolutionary mobile application? Which are the biggest milestones until its launch? Can you participate in any way in its development stages? After reading this article, you will surely have the answers to all these questions.

Be-Life can change the way you live!

This mobile app represents a connection between you and Breezecoin (BRZE) — a cryptocurrency of the future. It will give you access to different features: for example, it will include a crypto-wallet, a couple of ways for you to have some fun, and even a way to win BRZE! One main objective of Breezecoin is to improve your lifestyle, by bringing digital…

While the whole world has been confronting a global pandemic, Breezecoin has been taking this chance to take a step back, analyze its past evolution, and make big and sustainable plans for the future. First thing first, you might be curious about Breezecoin itself. How did its history begin? What is its story? And finally, what happened lately?

The beginning

Breezecoin has been created as a cryptocurrency meant to be used in the travel and tourism fields. Since Breeze de Mar, its creator, focuses on the real estate sector, the connection between it and the token was formed organically.

In time, it…

Sie werden Zeuge von Breezecoins Neuanfang: der Kryptowährung der Zukunft.

Der Breezecoin kann bereits für den Kauf von Artikeln wie Möbel und Smartphones und für verschiedene Dienstleistungen im Bereich des Gesundheitstourismus verwendet werden. Unser aktueller Plan besteht darin, die Akzeptanzfelder im Zusammenhang mit der Umbenennung in ein Lifestyle-Token zu erweitern.

Als Erstes aktualisieren wir die Breezecoin-Website. Der dort angezeigte Countdown gibt die verbleibende Zeit bis zum Neustart an (Freitag, 12. Februar, 18:00 Uhr GMT). Zu diesem Anlass arbeiten wir auch an unserem neuen Breezecoin-Whitepaper, das sich auf dieses neue Konzept bezieht. …


A cryptocurrency meant to help you improve the way you live, as its entire team believes in the motto “Your lifestyle matters!”

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