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Greetings Breezecoin community,

This post will explain detailed procedure for the Conversion process. All current Breezecoin owners must follow the guide.

The start of the swap will slightly postponed to 15th of August and goes until the 31th of August

Link of the Landinpage will be added here on wednesday:

• The process of converting Breezecoin will take place between the August 15th [06:00 pm UTC] and August 31st, 2019 [10:00 pm UTC]
August 30th, 2019[10:00 pm UTC] will be the final day of verification of KYC applications
August 31st, 2019 [10:00 pm UTC] will be the final day of conversion process

Conversion Process Step by Step Guide:

1. Go to the conversion form:

2. Include all necessary information including the address where you hold your Breezecoin (you can only use 1 address for Swap, so make sure to have all of your Breezecoin on this one address)

3. Wait for approval from the team regarding your status via email.

4. If your status is declined, follow the instructions of the team

New coin will be send to approved accounts on the last week of August

Stay tuned

Breezecoin Team


Our focus is on the real estate sector, and we have always lived by the motto ”Your investment for your future”.

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